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about LeVEL 3 Coworking & EVENT CENTER

Level 3 is a community of small businesses with big dreams where we can meet, train, and collaborate in downtown Belton.


We’re the perfect option between a full-scale commercial space rental and working either from home or from a coffee shop. Beyond that though, there’s the additional advantage of becoming a part of our community, and growing your business through the connections you’ll make, the relationships you’ll build, and what you’ll be able to learn being surrounded by other like-minded freelancers and start-ups.

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A completely different approach to commercial space rental.

 Most small companies wind up working from home because renting a commercial space is prohibitively expensive and requires long-term commitments. Plus, once you’re in the space, you still need to spend more cash on build-out, furnishings, office equipment, supplies, utilities, and internet access.  

At Level3 we provide all of that, and for a price that’s very affordable for almost any entrepreneur. You can begin with a basic membership to our community that allows access to the facility and use of the equipment without reserving a specific desk or office. Or, should you need that option, we have private desks for rent. Beyond that, you can rent a private office on our 2nd floor, which will come fully finished out and decorated. All utilities, crazy-fast internet access, furnishings, and office equipment are provided so your business overhead stays manageable.

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Some of the things we offer.

We only want the best for our community members, so we make sure you’re treated right. From WiFi to coffee on tap, we provide many different amenities tailored to make sure you have only the best experience working in our community.

Open Community
Coffee on Tap
Beautiful Outdoor Space
Event Center
Conference Rooms
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Our Team

Michael Linnemann
Trisha Smile
Terrisha Harris
Community Manager